Yuma Kishi is an acclaimed Japanese contemporary artist using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create data-driven digital works and sculptures. Exhibited widely in Japan, his works have been featured by major brands such as Nike and publications such as Vogue. Borrowing motifs and symbols from the canons of both Western and Asian art history, his paintings distort our perceptions of the history of aesthetics. Using AI technology, his works evoke a sense of momentary dislocation in the viewer’s awareness of the self, creating a liminal space in between the here and now.
[Group Exhibition]
2019 Eureka Exhibition, Gallery Water, Tokyo
2020 Mt Fuji Exhibition 3.0 - Fugaku 220kei -, T-ART HALL, Tokyo
2020 Allelopathy in the Wasteland, MITSUKOSHI CONTEMPORARY GALLERY, Tokyo
2021 How to see paintings reprise, √K Contemporary, Tokyo
[Solo Exhibition]
2021 Neighbors' Room, BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo
2021 Imaginary Bones, √K Contemporary, Tokyo
2019 年東京大学大学院工学系研究科修了. 
2021 年より東京藝術大学先端芸術表現科修士課程在籍.
[Group Exhibition]
2019 Eureka展, Gallery Water (六本木)
2020 富士山展3.0 -冨嶽二〇二〇景-, T-ART HALL (天王洲)
2021 絵画の見かた reprise, √K Contemporary (神楽坂)

[Solo Exhibition]
2021 Neighbors' Room, BLOCK HOUSE (原宿)
2021 Imaginary Bones, √K Contemporary (神楽坂)