Yuma Kishi, Contemporary Artist with AI
He considers AI not as something that imitates people, but as an alien intelligence from another dimension, and by installing this intelligence in his own body and lending it as a substitute, he creates works in which the digital intelligence and the analog body are always placed in a parallel relationship. 
In his works, he often borrows motifs from past art history, which are distortedly combined with technology to evoke a sense of momentary dislocation in the viewer's awareness of the self and the world that exists in the here and now.
His work has been featured in NIKE and VOGUE, and he is active in a variety of fields. 
[Group Exhibition]
2019 Eureka Exhibition, Gallery Water, Tokyo

2020 Mt Fuji Exhibition 3.0 - Fugaku 220kei -, T-ART HALL, Tokyo

2020 Allelopathy in the Wasteland, MITSUKOSHI CONTEMPORARY GALLERY, Tokyo
2021 How to see paintings reprise, √K Contemporary, Tokyo
[Solo Exhibition]
2021 Neighbors' Room, BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo
2021 Imaginary Bones, √K Contemporary, Tokyo
岸 裕真 アーティスト. 
AIを人を模倣するものではなく, 異次元のエイリアンの知性として捉え, その知性を自らの身体にインストール・依代として貸し出すことで, デジタルな知性とアナログな身体を並列関係に配置した制作を行う. 
制作の中にはしばしば過去の美術史のモチーフが借用され, それが歪な形でテクノロジーと接合されることで, 作品空間に介入した鑑賞者は今ここに存在する自己や世界に対する意識が一瞬脱臼するような感覚を想起する.
またNIKEやVOGUEにも作品が起用されるなど, 多領域にわたり活動中. 
2019 年東京大学大学院工学系研究科修了. 
2021 年より東京藝術大学先端芸術表現科修士課程在籍.
[Group Exhibition]
2019 Eureka展, Gallery Water (六本木)

2020 富士山展3.0 -冨嶽二〇二〇景-, T-ART HALL (天王洲)

2021 絵画の見かた reprise, √K Contemporary (神楽坂)

[Solo Exhibition]
2021 Neighbors' Room, BLOCK HOUSE (原宿)
2021 Imaginary Bones, √K Contemporary (神楽坂)