Thought Experiments by @AlbertoMariaColombo 
“Thought Experiments” was created with the use of Artificial Intelligence:
the GAN algorithm (Generative Adversarial Networks) is a learning program capable of mixing and comparing different images, producing its own original visual product.
This is the very first successful attempt bringing AI into fashion moving imagery.
Although following a mathematical structure, the results are unpredictable, random, and abstractly beautiful, just like a chemical reaction, or the growth of a flower.
We allow an electronic machine to learn how to recognize the human shape, the clothing they wear, and independently create an organic flow of images, starting from a rational thought, and ending in a visual and aesthetically pleasant chaos.
More than AI, it would be best to call it “ACI”: Artificial Creative Intelligence.”
See the full video on IGTV.
Full credits:
Director / Photographer @albertomariacolombo
AI Artist @obake_ai
Styling @__shant
Hair @kabutohair
Make Up @kentoutsubo
both represented by @imgmodels
Graphic Design @iamuga
Director Assistant Irakli Kurdiani
Stylist Assistants Carlo Prado, Dominic Borghese
Make Up Assistants Junna Uehara, Natsumi
Shot at @brooklyngrain
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